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At Power Cycle Trading™ Larry Gaines provides top quality trading education to level the playing field between the pros and everyday traders after brokering and trading commodities and the financial markets professionally for over 3 decades.

He started his career trading tanker cargoes of foreign crude oil for a leading NYSE oil company in the 1980s in their Houston and Singapore offices. Larry quickly advanced his career to become Executive Vice President of one of the largest international oil trading companies in the world. In this position, he managed their international trading for over ten years from their headquarters in Bermuda.

During his tenure, Larry traded and managed billions of dollars' worth of oil, foreign exchange and financial market derivatives, including futures and options. It was common for transactions to total over a billion dollars in a single day. Larry's trading group was one of the first to trade over-the-counter options on cargoes of foreign crude oil, including millions of barrels worth of north sea Brent crude oil options.

After leaving full time employment at midlife, Larry worked with several hedge funds on a consulting basis. He set up an “over the counter” crude oil options brokerage desk for the world’s largest privately owned oil brokerage company.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, in 2009, Larry launched PowerCycleTrading.com to teach others how to trade options. He had experienced firsthand the comradery and focus in a trading room vs. trading alone. Therefore, he began providing ongoing support for the Power Cycle Trading community in his virtual trading room where he still teaches most days.

Larry saw most individual traders were hurting their results from improperly managing risk so he focused on two things to help increase the probability of successful outcomes while controlling risk and lowering capital outlays.  

First, he developed a disciplined trading method using a price cycle trading system incorporating his decades of trading expertise. The model now easily integrates with all major brokerage platforms for trading stocks, ETFs, options, futures and even Forex. Day traders, swing traders, and longer term investors adapt the model for their desired time frame. 

Second, he focused on teaching traders advanced option strategies (other educators shied away from) that do a much better job managing risk than simpler strategies (such as naked options and covered calls) even though these strategies can be a good place to start trading options and under certain circumstances. 

Larry teaches how to select and implement the ideal option strategy for every type of market, whether bull or bear. Through his newsletter, webinars, and programs Larry guides traders on the the markets at any given time, and the best strategy to use in various market environments.   

Larry is honored to have served well over 1,000,000 traders in his programs, webinars and trading club, many of whom have been clients for years. He never imagined such a fulfilling “early retirement” awaited him. 

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I have literally lost 1,000's of dollars on other systems but settled on Larry's. His technical knowledge is unsurpassed, IMO, and his knowledge of using strategies with low risk and high reward is the best I have found since I started trading in 2003. Your system is fantastic Larry!!!
Larry, I have spent many thousands of $$$ on expensive XXXX indicators the past few years. Now, I only use the PCT toolset, strategies and your continued guidance to earn profits from the markets. Much thanks,
Hi Larry, I would like to let you know that I have learned more in one week from you then I have from everyone else since trading futures in 2014. I wish I would have known of you from the beginning!

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