What if you had a strategy to turn around losing trades… and maybe even turn them into winners?

And what if that same strategy took advantage of time decay AND volatility collapse more so than any other method?

It would be worth your time to learn it, right? Here’s your opportunity…

- Wayne

The Butterfly and Long Condor Option Spreads are dynamic (High Reward-Low Risk) option strategies that can trade for a variety of different reasons.  With different goals in mind, such as:

→ Income

→ High Reward-Low Risk Directional Trades

→ Non-Directional Trades

→ Hedging and more

This comprehensive 7+ hour trading workshop on these amazing option strategies is now available On-Demand.

Larry, you have been awesome with great content, valuable information and precisely to the point… great teacher.. the best butterfly course too.
- Vindoh

Here’s just some of what you’ll master:

Part I: 

  • Review of The Greeks & The Benefits of Using Them
  • Theta Decay & It’s Impact on the Butterfly & Long Condor
  • Volatility & the Importance of Volatility Crush When Constructing the Butterfly and Long Condor
  • Pricing the Option–The Effects of Time and Volatility

Part II:

  • Core Basics That Many Traders Miss When Using Butterflies, Long Condors & Strangles
  • Butterfly and Long Condor Spread Foundation–The Vertical Option Spread
  • How, Why and When to Use the:
  • Long Call or Put Butterfly
  • Broken Wing Butterfly
  • Ratio Butterfly
  • Broken Wing Ratio Butterfly
  • Wide Wing Directional Butterfly
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Vacation Butterfly
  • Long Condor
  • Optimal Times To Capitalize On the Different Butterfly & Long Condor Option Spreads

  • How To Structure Setups With Returns of 10-to-1 or 12-to-1 With as Little as $10 per Option Contract of Capital at Risk

  • How to Profit from Option Volatility Collapse and Theta Decay Using the Butterfly and Long Condor

  • How to Best use the Long Condor for a Low Risk, Hedged, Directional Trade

  • How, Why & When to Use the Option Strangle Strategy

A selective event, non-directional strategy that offers a defined low risk–high return trade. Ideal for major news events that may cause a stock to make an abnormally large move up or down.

Part III:

  • How to Trade a Monthly Option Expiration Butterfly Strategy to Generate High Returns on Low Risk & Little Capital 12 Times a Year, Option Pinning

  • Price Target Set-Ups for the Butterfly and Long Condor Spread Using Unusual Option Activity and Fibonacci

  • Step-by-Step Check List on How to Put the Butterfly, Long Condor & Strangle On and Take Them Off

  • Execution and Management of the Butterfly and Long Condor Option Spread

  • How to Use the Butterfly and Long Condor to Hedge Core Positions

  • How to Use the Butterfly and Long Condor to Defend Vertical Debit or Credit Spreads

  • Butterfly and Long Condor Trading Library

  • How to Use the Butterfly & Long Condor to Hedge a Core Position

  • How to Use the Butterfly & Long Condor to Defend a Vertical Debit or Credit Spread

And a Lot More

Larry, you missed the AAPL prediction by two cents, but I guess that was close enough for the Butterfly Spread! Uncanny how your $160 goal was almost exactly on-the-money. Thanks to you, I got in on the butterfly and made 390%. Not bad for three days of work. Thanks again
- Dan

 I designed this course to teach you in an easy to understand, step-by-step format. 

Everything you will need to know about these strategies and how to profit from them.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 7+ Hour recorded Trading Workshop on How to Trade & Profit from the Amazing Option Butterfly & Long Condor Strategy

  • Option Trading Tutorial (Videos + Manual)

  • Course Bonus Handouts: Larry’s Complete Option Strategy Manifesto, his Greek Power Tool Guide and more

  • 368 Page Full Course PowerPoint Manual

  • If never a Member of the Power Cycle Trading Club, Receive One Month Trial Membership to The Power Cycle Trading Club

Options Trading Tutorial Bonus

You’ll receive my 60-page options guide with videos that cover the foundation of options trading. Including the Greeks, & how to use them in your option trading

  • The Greeks: Delta, Gama, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility

  • Pricing The Option

  • The Market Makers Secret

  • Standard Deviation Probability Forecasting

  • Option Delta & Trade Probability

Amazing Option Butterfly, Long Condors & More Trading Workshop

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Trading profits and results vary among individual traders. There are zero guarantees for similar results.