What if you had a strategy to quickly HEDGE directional risk, in ANY type of market environment, and even turn around losing trades… AND… maybe even turn them into winners??

AND… What if that same strategy took advantage of time decay AND volatility collapse more so than any other method?

This strategy would create a major trading edge for any trade taken, tilting the trading odds way in your favor….

Would this strategy be worth your time to learn?

If YES, here’s your opportunity…

Part I: The Trade Foundation


  • Option Greeks vital for trading the Butterfly & Long Condor
  • Theta Decay & its impact on the Butterfly & Long Condor
  • Volatility & the Importance of Volatility Crush when Constructing the Butterfly and Long Condor
  • Pricing the Option The Effects of Time and Volatility
  • Using Fibonacci Price Target Mapping & Standard Deviation for selecting high probability directional price targets
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Part II: What Really Makes Them Work


  • Imperative Basics That Many Traders Miss When Using Butterflies & Long Condors 
  • Butterfly and Long Condor Spread Foundation the Vertical Option
  • How, Why and When to Use the:

Long Call or Put Butterfly
Wide Wing Directional Butterfly
Broken Wing Butterfly
Ratio Butterfly
Broken Wing Ratio Butterfly
Iron Butterfly
Vacation Butterfly
Long Condor

  • Best Option Time Frames to Use, to Capitalize on the Butterfly & Long Condor Option Spreads for Trading Stocks, ETFs, Indexes & Futures
  • Structure Setups with Returns of 10-to-1 or 12-to-1 with as Little as $10 per Option Contract of Capital at Risk
  • Profit from Option Volatility Collapse and Theta Decay Using the Butterfly and Long Condor
  • How to Trade a Monthly Option Expiration Butterfly Strategy to Generate High Returns on Low Risk & Little Capital 12 Times a Year, AKA Option Pinning
  • Pinning, Price Target Set-Ups for the Butterfly and Long Condor Spread Using Unusual Option Activity & Fibonacci
  • A Unique Option Spread that Benefits from Combining the  [Vertical Debit Spread + Vertical Credit Spread] to Create a Theta Positive, [Low Capital at Risk-High Reward] Trade that Can Provide Trading Returns of 100%, 200%, 300% or Greater!
  • How, Why & When to Use the Long Option Condor Spread in your Directional Trading for Controlled Risk & High Returns 
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Part III: Hedging

  • Progression of HEDGING
  • How to Use the Butterfly and Long Condor to Hedge Core Positions
  • Using the Butterfly and Long Condor to Defend the Vertical Debit Spread
  • Defend a Vertical Credit Spread the Butterfly Defense
  • Step-by-Step Check List on When & How to Put the Butterfly & Long Condor On & Take Them Off
  • Execution and Management of the Butterfly and Long Condor Option Spread
  • Resources:  

             Exchange Traded Funds to Use
             Assignment Risk
             Expiration Risk
             Auto Exercise & Assignment

  • Butterfly & Long Condor Trading Library

    And a Lot More…

How to Trade the Butterfly and Long Condor for Consistent Income with Managed Risk

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