How to Identify & Trade Market Tops & Bottoms 

Trading Tools & Tactics Used

Saturday, June 1st at 11AM Eastern Time

(Bring Your Questions)

Here’s more on what I’ll cover at this live workshop: 

  • A Big Picture Market Review ~ Where is this market heading next?
  • How to Uncover the Next Big Trade, A Scanning process used to quickly identify and establish a watch list of powerful Breakout Set-ups [long or short]
  • How to Know & Time When a Stock, a Stock ETF or a Futures Contract will Explode Higher or Tank
  • How to Identify the Highest Probability Breakout set-ups, based on [5 Selective Chart Patterns and Momentum Flows] and the trading tools used
  • What is Price Momentum & How You Can Harness it to Catapult Your Trades in An Up or Down Market
  • How to identify probable Breakout Direction using Momentum Flows and our "Multi Time Frame Squeeze-Momentum Alert Indicator"
  • How to Know When a Stock or Security has moved to a statistical extreme and is ready to correct, trading tools used
  • How to gain a Timing Edge on all your trade set-ups, trading tools used
  • The Importance of Price Target Mapping & how it’s used to identifying highly accurate price targets & defense trigger points
  • Bringing it all together


And always much more…

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