Course Package II:  

What You Will Receive:

Live Course Recording in 30 Min. Modules & Training Manual of Course

Course Package III & IV:

Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus

If you’ve been looking for more help and guidance in your trading, then I have this very Special Trading Alert Package for you….

It includes my “4 Trading Alert Services for 3 Months” + “4 Months PCT Club Membership” and everything in Course Package I or II 

3 Months Alert Service + 4 Months PCT Club Membership

Package III:
Live Course, All Indicators & All Bonuses: $811

(2-Pay Available After Clicking The Button Above)

Package IV:
Live Course, 1 Indicators & All Bonuses: $611

(2-Pay Available After Clicking The Button Above)

  •    Access to Trade Set-up Alerts for 3 Months & PCT Club for 4     Months     
  •    10 to 20 Stocks or ETF Trade Set-ups Per Month
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Butterfly & Long Condor Trades
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Calendar & Cal. Diagonal Trades
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Breakout & Reversal Trades
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Earning Option Trades
  •    Trading Guide for Each Trade Alert 
  •    Trade Set-up Video Review
  •    Trades Listed & Archived 
  •    Live Weekly Trading Q&A & Recorded–4 Months
  •    Daily Market Video Newsletter–4 Months
  •    Access to PCT Virtual Trading & Coaching Room–4 Months 
  •    60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software–4 Months  

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Feedback From A Few Power Cycle Trading Clients...

“I just want to give you some feedback on your trading methodology and the PCT!! I have been looking at different webinar/ methods out there and I have not found anything like the stuff you teach! Every time I attend one of those it makes me come back to your method!! I really love your personal attention to your clients I included. I trust in you and in your knowledge and if anyone is questioning this please pass them my contact!!”

– Ali

“Thanks for all your awesome educational material and services and incredible customer service. I’ve nearly bought everything because of this. No where have I been treated so good from a company as I have from yours”

– Brian

“Larry, you are the only one, that I know of, that provides competent, realistic instruction on how to have a Houdini escape hatch plan to utilize when various types of option trades go against you. It allows a trader to calmly use their head to make appropriate trade adjustments, instead of wildly panicking and having their head handed to them. I greatly appreciate you sharing your hard earned, profitable trading knowledge and techniques”

– Richard

“Larry, I have to mention one thing. I’m subscribed to a lot of services who send out trade alerts. Some are good others are not that great. 

But one thing that I would like people on this webinar to know is when I get a trade alert from Larry, I do it blindly as time has shown me that this man is dead accurate in his recommendations

Thank you for your great service!”

– Waleed