Course Package II:

If you’ve been looking for more help and guidance in your trading, then I have this very Special Trading Alert Package for you….

It includes my “4 Trading Alert Services for 4 Months” + “4 Months PCT Club Membership” and everything in Course Package 1. 

Alert Service Summary 5-2-18 to 1-20-23

Total Trades Closed 568
Winning Trades 432
Break Even Trades 30
Losing Trades 106

Winning Trades 81%

(Full disclosure: These are unaudited results)

Butterflies & Long Condors

4 Months Trading Alerts Service [All 4 Services]


4 Months PCT Club Membership


Includes Course Package I [Live Course & All Bonuses)

  •    Access to Trade Set-up Alerts for 4 Months
  •    10 to 15 Stocks or ETF Trade Set-ups Per Month
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Butterfly & Long Condor Trades
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Calendar & Cal. Diagonal Trades
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Breakout & Reversal Trades
  •    Text Alerts: on Selective Earning Option Trades
  •    Trading Guide for Each Trade Alert 
  •    Trade Set-up Video Review
  •    Trades Listed & Archived 
  •    Live Weekly Trading Q&A & Recorded–4 Months
  •    Daily Market Video Newsletter–4 Months
  •    Access to PCT Virtual Trading & Coaching Room–4 Months 
  •    60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software–4 Months  

    Plus, Membership to the “Power Cycle Trading Cub” 4 Months

    • Virtual Trading room – Open daily from 9:30 to 10:30 AM ET during trading week
    • Daily Market & Trading Update Videos 
    • Member’s Trading Video Archive
    • Live Weekly Q&A with Larry
    • Trader’s Education Vault
    60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software

Special Enrollment Bonus Price                            $597

Two Payment Available on Payment Form

 (Not Available on Website)            

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Feedback From A Few Power Cycle Trading Clients...

Larry, taking your various courses over the years has taught me the ‘mechanics’ of option spread strategies and their respective trade setups. 

I now have more consistent profitable trades with your defined risk approach, and I have especially learned how to defend my trades on crazy market sell-offs like we had yesterday!

– M.K.

I’ve never seen anyone explain options like this! Excellent!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! VERY Informative!!! No one has anything like this! Wish I had found you sooner but glad I found you now. Thanks again for your time today, Larry!

– Alisha

Words cannot express my gratitude for the revelations experienced during your lectures and their reviews. While I am not yet 100% proficient on the techniques, I “get it”. Before seeing the “Butterfly” course in particular, I saw the notes on the page but not the music. Now I look at an underlying with enthusiasm and play with the possible steps as if in a chess game, BEFORE I make my first move. Fear is dramatically reduced when one has a strategy beyond a binary win-loss with the known probabilities. I believe one needs a mentor and the daily inspiration. My wife asked me if what I have learned covered the cost. Answer, several times over that I can prove directly. Her response was “baby needs shoes

– Denis