If you’ve been looking for more help and guidance in your trading, then I have this very Special Trading Alert Package for you….

It includes my “4 Trading Alert Services for 4 Months” + “4 Months PCT Club Membership”.

Alert Service Summary 5-2-18 to 5-19-23

Total Trades Closed 609
Winning Trades 454
Break Even Trades 36
Losing Trades 119

Winning Trades 80%

(Full disclosure: These are unaudited results)

This “Alert Service” will save you hours of research time and will provide you text & email alerts on:

  • Selective, Breakout – Reversal Trade Set-ups
  • Selective, Butterfly & Long Condor Trade Set-ups 
  • Selective, Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Trade Set-ups
  • Selective, Earnings Option Trade Set-ups                        
Access to Trade Set-up Alerts for 4 Months
  • 10 to 15 Stocks and/or ETF Trade Setups Per Month (I Only Send the Best)
  • Text Alert or Email Alert of All Trade Setups
  • Step by Step Trading Guide for Each Alert
  • Suggested Option Trade Strategy
  • Trade Entry Level
  • Profit Targets, Based on Unusual Option Activity, Major Fibonacci Levels & Major Moving Average Support or Resistance Levels
  • Option Series to Use
  • Stop Loss Levels and Guidelines
  • Trades will be listed & archived for review
  • “After the Close” Educational Trade Review Video 
  • Key Technical Levels
  • Chart Pattern Revealing the Trade
  • Key Fibonacci & Moving Average Levels for Profit Targets
  • Stop Loss Levels

Plus, Membership to the “Power Cycle Trading Cub” for 4 Months 

  • Virtual Trading room – Open daily from 9:30 to 10:30 AM ET during trading week
  • Daily Market & Trading Update Videos 
  • Member’s Trading Video Archive
  • Live Weekly Q&A with Larry
  • Trader’s Education Vault

60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software

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Questions? Contact Support@powercycletrading.com or check out our commonly asked questions here

Feedback From A Few Power Cycle Trading Clients...

Larry, again, I joined w/Elite Pkg the last week of July.. w/in 10 days my returns had paid for the $1,100 plan, using small $750 risk trades.. now, I’m up 4x what I invested, again with smaller trades.. moving up in size. Thanks.. Larry is a great teacher.. join.. you won’t be disappointed.

– Scott H.

I feel like you are giving me fish and teaching me how to fish at the same time. It’s a great deal. You are providing us a chance to change our lives and I wanted to thank you for that. I look forward to working with you to make that happen. I hope you realize the positive impact you have on your members.

– Roy

Larry, I have to mention one thing. I’m subscribed to a lot of services who send out trade alerts. Some are good others are not that great. 

But one thing that I would like people on this webinar to know is when I get a trade alert from Larry, I do it blindly as time has shown me that this man is dead accurate in his recommendations

Thank you for your great service!

– Waleed

Hey Folks, I am loving my subscription to the Trade Club and the Alert Services. I paid for it in the first week. I guess I am now a “Scholarship Student”?

 It is great to start and finish the market day with Larry, put on the trades, not be glued to the screen all day, go do real life stuff, check in a time or two and be there for the close. 

I am retired, the market is my main hobby, and this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I am learning like a sponge every day! Kind regards,

– Jay