If something keeps happening over and over in a market for many, many years would you know how to identify and use this phenomenon to significantly benefit your trading success?

The big hedge funds know all about this, but you should too and once you do you will easily be able to use it to increase your own trading success ….

Seasonality is simply a market’s tendency to move in the same direction each year in response to annually recurring fundamental factors that affect the market to one degree or another in a more or less timely manner.

Using seasonality tendencies in trading is designed to anticipate future price movement rather than constantly reacting to an endless stream of often contradictory news.

So, whether you trade stocks, commodity futures or commodity spreads, the odds are that seasonal tendencies will be one of your best and most consistent tools to use in the never-ending quest for trading profits.

As the seasons change, so do the markets. 

There are cycles in nature from summer to fall to winter, just as markets move in cycles from bull to neutral to bear and back again. 

These seasonal tendencies should be used as a part of an overall trading process for selecting the highest probability trades that have potential for Big Profits.

Many seasonal trends will repeat 85 to 100% of the time year after year and these are the ones we want to catch!

Seasonal trades may happen only once or twice per year in a single major asset class, but when scanning multiple markets, the trading opportunities become great.

Right now, you have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who specifically understands the dynamics of Seasonality Trends from years of professionally trading them with huge amounts of money.

I started trading crude oil and oil products in the 80s and in a very big way, trading for two of the largest oil trading companies in the world and seasonality was the foundation of our trading.

Seasonality Trends, when paired with the sophisticated technical trading indicators, create huge Trend Trading opportunities that can literally make one’s trading year.

That’s exactly what you’ll get in this in-depth live Trading Course…

Sharpen Your Trading with Seasonality Trends
Using Spreads, Options & Option Pairs

OMG! Never expected to learn this much in a course. You opened a whole new asset class to trade. Kudos on quality and you have shown me that I CAN drink from a fire hose!

This live course is designed and focused exclusively on: 

(1) How to identify high probability Seasonal Trends using over 15 years of Seasonality Statistics. These Statistics show only Trends that have re-occurred 80%, 93% and 100% of the time over the past 15 years. 

(2) How to enter and exit these trends using our PCT Dynamic Directional Momentum Flow Trading System.

(3) How to trade these trends using Spreads and Options for better leverage and controlled risk.

(4) How to trade these trends using Option Pairs to create a synthetic spread for market neutrality and big profits.

It’s a systematic approach to trading Big Seasonal Trends…

And there are always some really big ones setting up!

By the time you’ve completed this Seasonality Trend Trading Course, you’ll know everything you need to know to trade these seasonal cycles.

How to spot the start of a powerful new seasonal trends across all major market asset classes: Energy, U.S. Equities, Bonds, Energy, Gold, Silver, Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Live Cattle, Lean Hogs, FOREX, Real estate and More

  • How to capitalize on the beginning of a major seasonal trend 
  • The best Seasonal Trend Trade set-ups using futures, future spreads and option and option spreads/pairs
  • Using Fibonacci to target accurate price targets
  • Larry’s own favorite proprietary trading tools for capitalizing on these Seasonal Trends

And much more…

Another great job! I learn so much every time I listen to you talk on energy & seasonality. I have taken this 2x and I'm going to take it again because this much info with this much detail cannot be found anywhere else! Thank you, Larry.
This was an amazing course, Larry. This is stuff I had no inkling about. It was like graduate school. Nobody else talks about this kind of trading.

Enrollment Now Open

Register now for this Live Boot Camp which will be recorded…

Sharpen Your Trading with Seasonality Trends
Using Spreads, Options & Option Pairs

Part I: Saturday, December 2nd from 11:00 AM ET–2:00 PM ET

Part II: Monday, December 4th from 4:00 PM ET – 5 PM ET

(Or longer, as needed by participants)

We attended your How to Trade Seasonality for Great Profits. It absolutely merits a 5-diamond score.
Ron & Susan
Thanks Larry, your Seasonality course was very comprehensive & well worth the time & investment.
THANKS TO YOU buddy; you are changing my life and turning it 180 degrees around. Your training is EXTRA ORDINARY AND EXCELLENT!
Hi Larry, I would like to let you know that I have learned more in one week from you than I have from everyone else since starting to trade futures in 2014. I wish I would have known of you from the beginning!
I like the very detailed way in which Larry teaches putting on a trade. Equally important is how he teaches you to manage a trade once you are in it. I can now evaluate whether a Trade is even worth my while, or worth the risk. Any class taught by Larry will increase my understanding of markets as a whole.
Every system I've purchased & followed with you has paid for itself. Each one! Since following & trading your systems I have made $6k.... I'm an avid believer in your common sense, conservative approach and am happy to email with anyone who has questions.
As always great stuff; cannot get enough of your trading wisdom.

If you’ve attended my training before, you already know that I like to answer all the questions so you’re ready to take action. 

It’s not one of those courses where you hang on forever just hoping the trainer will pick up your question, and then you’re left hanging. (I hate those, and know that you probably do, too.)

You’re getting interactive expert training, which is my proven formula for successful training for traders committed to taking their skills to the next level.

Although I have shared my comments with Larry in the chat box on numerous live webinars regarding his extraordinary gift of teaching ability, matched equally by his integrity, patience, and goodwill in seeking to genuinely help others; I would ask that whoever is reading this message to please convey the feedback shared above in person with Larry.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn at This 

Live Seasonality Trading Course…

Part I: Saturday, December 2nd

  • Seasonality Fundamentals
  • Seasonality Price History Analysis Across Commodity Futures that are Highly Affected by Seasonality 
  • Seasonality Statistic, Resources & How They’re Used
  • How to Build Your Seasonality Watch List of Stocks, ETFs & Commodity Futures, Based on Seasonality Statistics, Price Reversals & Price Momentum to Validate a Seasonal Trend’s Strength using the PCT Directional Momentum indicators
  • In-depth review on how to use the PCT Directional Momentum Trading indicators for all Seasonality Trend Trades 
  • How to Catch that Seasonal Wave using The PCT Directional Trading Indicators 
  • How to use the PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator for Advanced Cycle Reversal Alerts on a Seasonal Price Trends & Seasonal Spreads 
  • Trading time frames & fractal analysis used  
  • Setting profit targets using Fibonacci price target analysis  
  • Moving average automated trend lines for defined breakouts & seasonal trend confirmation

Part II: Monday, December 4th

  • Seasonality Top Down-Market Price Analysis
  • Best Seasonal Trade Set-ups for futures, ETFs & stocks
  • Spread Trading Strategies Using Futures & Synthetic Options 
  • Simple Go-to-Option Strategies for Seasonal Trends
  • How trading spreads lower margin (capital at risk) & increases returns
  • How to analyze all trades based on margin (capital at risk) 
  • Trading Your Seasonal Watch List
  • Trading the Opening Range Breakout for Day Trades & Swing Trade Entries
  • Seasonality Statistic & Analytic Resources

And much more…

Like everyone, I like a great deal, so I’ve put together a pretty good one with 4 Course Packages for you to choose from.


Includes Seasonality Course & Bonuses + PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator & Opening Range Breakout Indicator 

Course Price (84% Off)                  $197

Bonus Value                                                                                                                                            $1,726
Total Course Package Value                                                                                                             $2,926
Your Price – Course Package (93% Off)                                                                                           $197

Total Course Package Value – $2,926 



Course Price (67% Off)                  $397

Course Package 2 Bonuses

Bonus Value                                                                                                                                            $2,223
Total Course Package Value                                                                                                             $3,423
Your Price – Course Package (88% Off)                                                                                          $397

Total Course Package Value – $3,423



Includes My Popular


Trade Alert Service Plus

4 Months Trading Alert Service
4 Months PCT Trading Club Membership

If you’ve been looking for more help and guidance in your trading, then this Special Trading Alert Package is just for you…

It includes my “4 Trading Alert Services for 4 Months” + “4 Months PCT Club Membership”.

This “Alert Service” will save you hours of research time and will provide you text alerts on:

  1. Top, Butterfly & Long Condor Trade Set-ups
  2. Top, Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Trade Set-ups
  3. Top, Earnings Option Trade Set-ups
  4. Top, Breakout – Reversal Trade Set-ups
I have to mention one thing. I'm subscribed to a lot of services who send out trade alerts. Some are good others are not that great. But one thing that I would like people to know is when I get a trade alert from Larry, I do it blindly as time has shown me that this man is dead accurate in his recommendations! Thank you for your great service!
  • Access to Trade Setup Alerts for 4 Months
  • 8 to 12 Stocks or ETF Trade Setups Per Month
  • Text Alerts on Selective Breakout & Reversal Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Butterfly & Long Condor Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Option Spreads
  • Text Alerts on Selective Earning Option Trades
  • Trading Guide for Each Trade Alert
  • Trade Setup Video Review
  • Trade Listed & Archived
  • Live Weekly Trading Q&A & Recorded – 4 Months
  • Daily Market Video Newsletter – 4 Months
  • Access to PCT Virtual Trading & Coaching Room – 4 Months
  • 60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software – 4 Months
Hey Folks, I am loving my subscription to the Trade Club and the Alert Services. I paid for it in the first week. I guess I am now a "Scholarship Student"? It is great to start and finish the market day with Larry, put on the trades, not be glued to the screen all day, go do real life stuff, check in a time or two and be there for the close. I am retired, the market is my main hobby, and this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I am learning like a sponge every day! Kind regards,


Includes Seasonality Course, PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator, Opening Range Breakout Indicator  &
PLUS, All Alert Service for 4 Months + Trading Club 4 Months


(2 Pay Available on Checkout Form After Clicking Buy Now)


Includes Seasonality Course, PCT Dynamic Directional Trading Model, PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator,
Opening Range Breakout Indicator  & All
PLUS, All Alert Service for 4 Months + Trading Club 4 Months


(2 Pay Available on Checkout Form After Clicking Buy Now)


Special Bonus 1

Price Target Mapping – September 2023

Using Fibonacci More

All Packages

New, On-Demand, Step-by-Step, “Fibonacci Course” on how to gain a major trading edge using Fibonacci & Price Target Mapping in your swing trades or day trades…. 

This Price Target Mapping Process is based:

  • Fibonacci price target analysis
  • Moving average- automated trend lines
  • Price action support/resistance levels
  • Standard deviation price target forecasting 
  • Unusual option price activity

And the foundation of this process is Fibonacci.
You’ll receive this new 3+ Hour Recorded Course & Complete 139 Page Course Manual + Course Handouts

I have used Fibonacci for years, but I’ve never used it to the full extent until today. You opened up the inner door I didn't know was here.

Special Bonus 2

Pairs Trading for Market Neutrality
An Offense/Defense Trading Strategy

August 2023

All Packages

 On-Demand course that teaches how to trade Stocks, ETFs & Futures using Spreads/Pair Trades which is a market neutral strategy. These strategies are used by large Hedge Funds to reduce directional exposure and margin expense.

Pairs Trading Course Summary: 

  •  How pairs trading offers one of the safest ways to generate returns whether the market is up or down
  •  The best strategies for pairs trading to take advantage of being market neutral
  •  How to identify & select the best pairs for trading (Stocks, ETFs & Futures)
  •  How to Statistically Measure a Pairs Trade Correlations & Tools Used
  •  Resource Used for finding correlated stocks & ETFs
  •  How to Instantly Lower Your Trading Costs with Synthetic Options
  •  My Own Proprietary PCT Formula That Makes It Easy to Identify the Highest Probability Pairs

And Much More…

Special Bonus 3

2 Months Free Access to The Seasonality Vault

  • Little-known seasonality research tools used by hedge funds & proprietary trading shops
  • 15 years of Historical Seasonality Data that make it easier to predict future seasonal trends before they happen
  • Charts showing exact beginning & end of seasonal trends across multiple markets, commodities & commodity spreads
  • Statistics & timing on past seasonal trends for validation of upcoming seasonal trends of 85% Winning Trends & Higher.

Special Bonus 4

The Power Cycle Trading Club

I’ve been with Larry's trading room & trading club now for 6+ months and have learned more than in 12 previous years with other services and trying to learn options on my own. His system really works as presented and you should make your subscription back very quickly.

Package I & II – 1 Month Included
Package III & IV – 4 Months Included

I am an extremely loyal member of PCT. Larry will never be able to find a large enough stick to beat me away from the PCT family in this lifetime.
I have followed your trades for over 2 years. You have the best explanation for every option strategy used. The best teachings are also in your Q & A sessions on Tuesdays. Great courses too!
Larry, I wanted to thank you. I'm glad I found your service. ​I'm learning so much. THANKS
Larry just wanted to say my options knowledge has leaped exponentially since joining your trading room! Reading books is fine but seeing the actual option trade setups makes a huge difference. Thanks.
Larry, Ditto

Here is what you will receive:

  • Virtual Trading Room–Open from 9:30 to 10:30 AM ET daily during trading week. 
    Monday through Friday
  • Daily Market & Trading Update Videos
  • Member’s Trading Video Archive
  • Live Weekly Q&A with Larry, Each Tuesday & Recorded
  • Trader’s Education Vault
  • 60% Discounts on Website Courses & Trading Software
Hey Larry, for your audience, I have recently signed up for the trading club and enjoy it very much. You always attempt to answer all the member’s questions with great clarity. I have also completed two workshops, learned a great deal and have been hedging with high confidence. You do such a great job keeping the tempo during your workshops. Great Job and keep it up!
Larry, I wanted to tell how much I enjoy your trading room...I am a member of others but don't even log into them... Good job and please keep it up... I really enjoy "your style" of the room!
Listening to an experienced and wise MENTOR like Larry is awesome! Having access to a daily Trading room that provides members with trade ideas and entry and exit targets is extremely helpful.
Keith M.
I always walk away with something new that I can use and add to my routine tomorrow - (Trading Room)
Jim P.
Larry, I was in your trading club about 9 years ago. You have really grown and expanded. It was good then and excellent now
I really do enjoy the Trading Room and have taken a few of your courses. I have to say, I've learned so much from you in the past year, the biggest being patience lol. Everything is explained very well along with a set of rules to follow for minimal risk and higher probability for a successful trade. I really appreciate the time you give for the Q&A sessions although I can't always attend. Your expertise and guidance through this market is undoubtedly worth its weight in gold.
I have learned more by participating in the Trade Room over the last 7 days than I have from many months of courses from other instructors. Just watching you on the platform and listening to your observations are, in and of itself, an excellent learning experience.
The trading room is excellent!!!! Thank you, Mr. Gaines, and to all the team at Power Cycle !!!!!!!...I am addicted now!!!

Bonus 5

Follow Up Live Q&A

Live with Larry, follow up accountability & support coaching Q&A specifically for the Seasonality Course.

You’ll have all your questions answered at this one-hour, live Q&A and it will be recorded.             

Q&A will be scheduled after the course, and you’ll be sent an email notification with date and time.

For additional ongoing support, you’ll have access to the Power Cycle Trading, Virtual Trading Room, for 30 Days with Package I & II or for 4 months with Package III & IV to provide you extra trading support…


Bonus 6

Futures Trading Commodity Guide

 A blue-print guide on what you need to know about trading futures

Bonus 7

PCT Directional Trading Model Tutorial

  • 67-page PCT Trading System Training Tutorial & Recorded
  • Video Modules of Trading System

This PCT Trading System Tutorial is designed to teach you how all the PCT Trading Indicators work.

PCT Directional Trading Model Included in Package II & IV

Larry, I have spent many thousands of $$$ on expensive XXXX indicators the past few years. Now, I only use the PCT tool set, strategies, and your continued guidance to earn profits from the markets. Much thanks.
These are the BEST indicators and without this total system I would be trading blind. The best $$$ I’ve ever spent. When my children show any interest in trading, I plan to purchase and gift them. Great teaching. Thank you, Larry.
Larry, your custom indicators, and course are well worth the cost, it is invaluable to me for determining directions, and a very conservative and patient, rules-based approach to trading.

Indicator 1

PCT Dynamic Directional Trading Model

Package II & IV Only

Proprietary, directional trading model. 5 Study trading models that make all trading decisions more seamless, faster & simpler.

Available for Thinkorswim®, TradeStation®, NinjaTrader® 7 & 8 and eSignal® & TradingView

Indicator 2

PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator

All Packages

“PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator” is a Percentage Range Momentum Indicator based on Relative Strength. It measures overbought & oversold levels & signals in advance, a potential market reversal, one to two periods in advance. 

This indicator has an upper & lower study. The lower study shows the overbought & oversold condition plus a cycle reversal. The upper study gives a Cycle High Reversal Signal with a Down Arrow & an Up Arrow for a Cycle Low Reversal. Can be used across any time interval. Used for Swing Trades, Long Term Trades, Day Trades.

Available for Thinkorswim®, TradeStation®, NinjaTrader® 7 & 8 and eSignal® & Coming Soon TradingView

Indicator 3

PCT Opening Range HL Breakout Indicator

All Packages

This Breakout Indicator is designed to capture explosive, momentum breakouts based on the daily opening range of a security. When combined with a Seasonality Trend Change the moves are fast & powerful.

Available for Thinkorswim®, TradeStation®, NinjaTrader® 7 & 8 and eSignal® 

All indicators come with code files and installation instructions for all platforms. 

All the software comes with training manuals & videos to explain all indicators and how they work. 

There are NO ADDITIONAL COSTS associated with this system, and you can have the software for as many platforms as you wish.

Please contact us with any questions at:

Unsure Which Package to Get?

Go with the Elite pkg. You will learn more from Larry, than ANY other service. I've traded for 20 yrs. and NEVER learned as much than with Larry. Go with the Elite and stay w/ Larry. You won't be sorry.

Here’s More Details on My Trade Alert Service 4 Months Included in Package III & IV

4 Months Trading Alert Service
4 Months PCT Club Membership

If you’d like Larry’s hand-picked high probability trade setups texted and emailed right to you, then you’ll want Course Package III or IV, where you’ll receive everything in Package I or II above PLUS the Alert Service Plus as outlined below.

You are very diligent and totally thorough with your analysis… that is the foundation of the success of your alerts. I paid for my subscription with the first four trades I took with you when I was learning how to trade options. Please feel free to share this with the other participants if you wish.
I've been w/Larry for 3 months. After 20 years of trading, I've found Larry to be THE BEST trainer/coach in the business. I joined for a year and paid for my annual fee within 2 weeks, and that was doing small, trial trades. It will be THE BEST INVESTMENT that you will ever make. Go with the ELITE pkg. Great group of traders in the Trading Club, too
About Larry's Alert service. I subscribe to 4 different alert services and I’m very selective on which trades I take except for Larry's trade alerts. I take all of Larry's. I trust his experience and market understanding.
The alerts work! Larry has done his homework! I paid for the alerts with the first four trades. Actually, I wasn’t trying to make money… I was trying to learn how options work. The wins with the alerts gave me great confidence to continue learning about trading options.

This will be like you have your very own research department and professional trading mentor but at a minuscule fraction of the cost.

This frees up your time to focus on your career, count your money, or simply enjoy life.

No more manually combing through thousands of charts and indexes.

No more debilitating confusion over the best option strategy to use.

No more agonizing over the best time frame and trade setup.

Because it’s all done for you.

Elite Open to Close

Trade Alert Service Plus

Alert Service Summary 5-2-18 to 11-24-23

Total Trades Closed           677

Winning Trades                  497

Breakeven Trades               41

Losing Trades                      139

Winning Trades                 79%

Full disclosure: These are unaudited results

Let’s face it: I won’t always be offering this service. And nothing would make me any happier than for you to be able to do this yourself when I stop. 

So, while this is a completely “done-for-you” service, I have designed it so you can catapult your trading skills during your membership

For example, you’ll see why I chose the trade based on the chart pattern. You’ll see why I chose the option strategy. You’ll get an “After the Close” Educational Video outlining the trade so you can gain knowledge from your experience implementing the Alert trades.  

Research shows that we learn the most from experience, not just study. By combining the two, you’re going to take your trading to an entirely new level. 

Plus, you’re also going to get an entire 4 months in my Power Cycle Trading Club at no additional cost. This will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered daily while holding you accountable. 

Most of the Trading Club benefits are listed in the What You’ll Receive Section below.

Here’s What You’ll Receive as an Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Member

  • Access to Trade alert Setups for 4 Months
  • 8 to 12 Stocks and/or ETF Trade Setups Per Month (I Only Send the Best)
  • Text Alert or Email Alert of All Trade Setups
  • Step-by-Step Trading Guide for Each Alert
  • Suggested Option Trade Strategy
  • Trade Entry Level
  • Profit Targets, Based on Unusual Option Activity, Major Fibonacci Levels & Major Moving Average Support or Resistance Levels
  • Option Series to Use
  • Stop Loss Levels and Guidelines
  • Trades will be listed & archived for review
  • “After the Close” Educational Trade Review Video
  • Key Technical Levels
  • Chart Pattern Revealing the Trade
  • Key Fibonacci & Moving Average Levels for Profit Targets
  • Stop Loss Levels
  • Live Weekly Trading Review and Q&A (Recorded)
  • Daily Market Video Newsletter–Review of All Setups
  • Access to PCT Virtual Trading–Coaching Room–Open from 9:30 to 10:30 AM ET, Monday–Friday
  • 60% Discounts on All Website courses & Trading Software
  • Trader’s Education Vault with Monthly Updates

Here’s a few sample Alerts to see how they work…

Calendar and Diagonal Alert Service

Alert Service Summary 6-18-19 to 11-24-23

Total Trades Closed           249

Winning Trades                  186

Breakeven Trades               12

Losing Trades                      51

Winning Trades                 80%

Full disclosure: These are unaudited results

ORCL Long Call Calendar Diagonal

TLT Long Call Calendar Diagonal

GLD Long Call Calendar Diagonal

Butterfly-Long Condor Alert Services 

  Alert Service Summary 5-18-19 to 11-24-23

  Total Trades Closed           150

Winning Trades                  107

Breakeven Trades               9

Losing Trades                      34

Winning Trades                 77%

Full disclosure: These are unaudited results

GLD Adjusted Long Call Butterfly Free Trade

AAPL Long Call Butterfly


Includes Seasonality Course, PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator, Opening Range Breakout Indicator  & Bonuses. PLUS, All Alert Service for 4 Months + Trading Club 4 Months


(2 Pay Available on Checkout Form After Clicking Buy Now)


Includes Seasonality CoursePCT Dynamic Directional Trading Model (Package II), PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator, Opening Range Breakout Indicator  & All Bonuses. PLUS, All Alert Service for 4 Months + Trading Club 4 Months


(2 Pay Available on Checkout Form After Clicking Buy Now)

This content was a bull’s eye for what I need to know!
Thank you, Larry... you are, unequivocally, one of the very best trading teachers available today!

Why would you listen to me?   

Trading is my passion. I knew this in my twenties, and this is the career path I chose to pursue. Eventually, as Executive Vice President of one of the largest international oil trading companies in the world, I managed the international trading desk where we traded and managed billions of dollars’ worth of oil, foreign exchange and financial market derivatives. 

My trading group was one of the first to trade over the counter options on cargoes of foreign crude oil and traded millions of barrels of these crude oil option contracts.

I’ve been involved with a number of hedge funds on a consulting basis and in 2009 I set up an over-the-counter crude oil options brokerage desk for the world’s largest privately owned oil Brokerage Company.

I have a fascination for all things trading and swing trading market cycles using options is my main go-to trade strategy and passion…

Trading really is my passion…

Larry, although I have shared before the stellar quality of your work, it is compelling to venture forward yet again to share that your work is simply put, outstanding. The effort and zeal you put into your work and the delivery of your teaching are not only impeccable but nothing short of exemplary! Thank you again!
Rick H.
I like the very detailed way in which Larry teaches putting on a trade. Equally important is how he teaches you to manage a trade once you are in it. I can now evaluate whether a Trade is even worth my while, or worth the risk. Any class taught by Larry will increase my understanding of markets as a whole!
Just to let you know, I’ve spent a lot of money on courses, and yours are the best I have signed up for. In fact, had I been lucky enough to just start out with you, I would not of needed the others

Have questions? You’ll probably find the answer below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I can’t make the Live Power Course Dates?

Yes, if you have purchased a Live Course, it will be recorded and available On Demand.  This recording is posted to your personal PCT Account after the recording has been finalized. A Live Q&A will also be held at a later scheduled date to give you the opportunity for any follow-up questions you may have.

I think I purchased this Power Course before

Yes, if you have purchased a Live Course, it will be recorded and available On Demand.  This recording is posted to your personal PCT Account after the recording has been finalized. A Live Q&A will also be held at a later scheduled date to give you the opportunity for any follow-up questions you may have.

Do  I  have to pay monthly to keep my Power Course?

No, your Power Course is yours indefinitely with a one-time fee. A Personal PCT Account will be created for you after purchase in which you will be able to access your Power Course & Bonuses anytime, 24-7.

Do  I  have to start my free trial right away?

The Free Trial is available to first-time users of the Trading Club. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to activate this Free Trial after your purchase. You may start at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions - Alert Service

Will thousands of other traders be getting these same trade ideas, making them impossible to execute at the suggested prices? (This happens with most trade alert services.)

No. Most of you know I enjoy working with a small tribe, but I also promise to limit the number of subscribers to this service. 

Will I get a text, an email, or both?

Yes, Larry will send out a text alert to the cell phone number provided [within minutes] and an email will be sent within 30 minutes. 

Can I wait to activate my Alert Membership?

Yes, you can activate the membership whenever you are ready to use it.

What if I have a question on an Alert that was sent out?

These can be discussed in the Virtual Trading Room with Larry Monday through Friday.

Will my number work if it is outside the U.S.?

Yes, we have many international clients.

What if I go on vacation?

You can pause your service at any time and resume when you return, simply email and we will pause your membership.

Enrollment Now Open

Register now for this Live Boot Camp which will be recorded…

Sharpen Your Trading with Seasonality Trends
Using Spreads, Options & Option Pairs

Part I: Saturday, December 2nd from 11:00 AM ET–2:00 PM ET

Part II: Monday, December 4th from 4:00 PM ET – 5 PM ET

(Or longer, as needed by participants)

To Your Success, 

Larry Gaines
CEO & 30-Year Trading Veteran
Power Cycle Trading

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  No representation is being made that the use of this strategy or any system or trading methodology will generate profits.  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. 

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