Do you hate it when…

  • Unexpected (and often ridiculous) news wrecks an otherwise perfect trade?
  • A losing trade turns around the minute you exit it?
  • You get stuck in a losing trade, are unsure what to do, but you know you need to act fast?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re in the right place.

And here’s your opportunity…

Over my 30+ years of trading options, I’ve found that becoming and staying a successful trader boils down to truly understanding and optimizing the probabilities of winning versus losing.

But let’s face it. 

Every trader has losing trades…

And the losers can be very painful.

That one stinkin’ trade can ruin previously stellar trading results for the entire month (which had lots of other winning trades)! 

Every honest trader has experienced this, and it feels defeating and stressful.  

How can you overcome this common trading dilemma?

Find out this Saturday in my program…

Capitalize on Options for Income, Profits, and Hedging Masterclass

In this new option trading workshop, you’ll discover an easy to understand, step by step formula with everything you’ll need to know to take your Option Selling Strategies to the next level… 

The expert level…

Trading is a business of probabilities so to truly stack the winning odds in your favor it comes down to the math of forecasting these probabilities.

The first key to this probability formula involves Option Selling Strategies that take advantage of volatility, time decay and leverage.

The second key is knowing how, why, and when to HEDGE to protect your trading capital no matter what!

This is exactly what you’ll master in this new option selling workshop with valuable strategies and techniques for selling options that deliver income while also hedging

It’s like having your cake and eating it too. 

Just sending a quick note of thanks that you could maybe pass along to Larry for all of his fabulous teaching through the years. I truly have enjoyed learning from him and the other traders in the trading room every day. I don’t think there is a better trader in the world when it comes to spreads and other ways to do trades than Larry Gaines.
Yet another fantastic presentation Larry ... your skill set is extraordinary and anyone who has the intuitive insight to step into your classroom is unequivocally on the right track ... thanks for all you do for each individual small trader.
Texan, Denton Cooley was the world's best heart surgeon... Larry is the financial markets Low Risk/High Profitability Options Master!
Man ‘Oh Man, the power of options!! This is what excites me the most, and now I feel like I have found someone who shares my passion and is well educated. I have been waiting for this, like they say; the teacher will appear when the student is ready. Your teaching is more appreciated than you will ever know. Thanks Larry. I mean that.

Enrollment is Now Open for this All-New Live 4+ Hour Option Selling Workshop

Capitalize on Options for Income, Profits, and Hedging Masterclass

Kicks off with:

Part I: Saturday, March 11th from 11 AM to 2 PM ET
Part II: Monday, March 13th from 4 PM to 5 PM ET

Plus, follow up Q&A & Trading Room support…

You’ll be able to get all your questions answered and the entire program will be recorded if you cannot make it Live.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted. Bullseye!

You Can Purchase Package I or II – More Details Below

Course Package I:


Course Package II:

Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus


(2-Pay Option Available at Checkout)

Larry, I have to mention one thing. I'm subscribed to a lot of services who send out trade alerts. Some are good, others are not that great. But one thing that I would like people on this webinar to know is when I get a trade alert from Larry, I do it blindly as time has shown me that this man is dead accurate in his recommendations! Thank you for your great service!
Hey Folks, I am loving my subscription to the Trade Club and the Alert Services. I paid for it in the first week. I guess I am now a "Scholarship Student"? It is great to start and finish the market day with Larry, put on the trades, not be glued to the screen all day, go do real life stuff, check in a time or two and be there for the close. I am retired, the market is my main hobby, and this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I am learning like a sponge every day! Kind regards,"
I started w/ Larry last year... GO w/ the ELITE pkg... I paid for my package w/in 2 weeks. Larry is THE BEST!!! I've traded for 20 years and have had the best ROI w/ Larry's trading style...
Hi Larry. I’ve been an alert member for a relatively short period of time and don’t take every trade, but out of 11 trades, 10 were profitable. 91%. Great Job. Thanks!

Here's just some of what you'll master at this all new...

Capitalize on Options for Income, Profits, and Hedging Masterclass

Hi Larry, I’m sitting on a $1500.00 profit on a potential $1700.00 in premium on the SPX credit spreads I setup. Thanks' for teaching me how to be on the “selling side” of the options market. I am kicking it!! Thanks again...

Part I –  Option Selling Foundation 

  • Option Greeks Vital for Selling Options & Credit Spreads 
  • Option Selling Guidelines
  • Pricing The Option – The Effects of Time & Volatility
  • Using Price Target Mapping & Standard Deviation to Set, High Probability Directional Price Targets
  • Option Selling Trading Rules
  • Best Markets & Trading Time Frames for Credit Spreads
  • How to Use the PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator & PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator for Signaling When It’s Time to Sell Options (Don’t Worry – These Indicators Included As Bonuses In Your Purchase!) 

Part II – The 4 Best Option Selling Strategies:

Which Strategy to Use When and How for Income

  • How to Profit from Time and Volatility with Credit Spreads
  • A Step-By-Step Guide on How & When to Setup, Trade & Defend the:
  • Bear Call Credit Spread 
    Bull Put Credit Spread
    Iron Condor

  • When to Use Bear Call Credit Spreads Vs Bull Put Credit Spreads Vs Iron Condors
  • Which Market Conditions Are Best for Credit Spreads and Which One to Trade​
  • The Perfect Time Frame for Entering and Exiting Credit Spreads ​
  • The 5 Must Know Rules for Trading Credit Spreads

When and How to Use Long Condors

  • Exactly When to Use Long Condor Option Spread (not to be confused with the Iron Condor) for Trend Trading
  • A Low Capital at Risk Strategy That Often Delivers Trading Returns of 200% or Greater with Positive Theta, No Time Decay!
  • The Big Advantage Long Condors Have Over Other Option Spreads and how to trade it
  • Step by Step Guide for Combining Vertical Spreads to construct the Long Condor for Increased Profits on Lower Risk
  • How to Adjust/Reduce Your Capital at Risk Using the Broken Wing Long Condor & Ratio Long Condor

 Part III– Hedging with the Perfect Tool: Options

Hedging With Options

  • A Complete Guide on Hedging with Options
  • How to Minimize Losses from Losing Trades (Or Even Turn Them Profitable)
  • How to Pick the Best Option Strategy for Hedging Any Trading Situation [Specific Option Hedging and Trading Strategies]

Specific Option Hedging and Trading Strategies

  • How, Why & When to Use Credit Spreads for Hedging a Core Trading Position 
  • How, Why & When to Use the Condor Spread Hedging Defense
  • 5 Ways to Hedge Credit Spreads and Still Make Money (Even When You’re Wrong)
  • Larry’s “End of DaySpread Execution Tactic (So You Don’t Need to Watch to Charts All Day)

How to Defend a Stock Portfolio

  • The Protective Collar – how to construct to hedge a small $20,000 portfolio to a large $20 million portfolio or more

Tools, Tricks and Strategies

  • What You Must Know About Assignment Risk (Before You Sell Any Options) 
  • Insider Insights About Option Expiration Risk
  • Navigating Auto Exercise and Assignment
  • How to Forecast Price Movement 
  • Access to Larry’s Entire Option Selling Strategy Library with Charts, Trades, and Examples 

And More…

Best course I have taken!!!
Larry is the best Options trading mind on the planet Earth... bar NONE.
​Larry’s the best trainer I have listened to regarding complex option strategies. Easy to understand
Excellent presentation. I have listened to quite a few so-called option experts, and they are nowhere close to you!
Thank you for the wonderful credit spread option course. ​​The class was so thorough and expansive on the immense flexibility of credit spreads. ​​Thanks again, Larry for all your efforts to help traders.​​It is so inspiring to hear an option professional with your vast experience helping others up the ladder to a new level of understanding on credit spreads and risk management.

You can purchase this program alone (Course Package I), or with my popular Alert service and Power Cycle Trading Club Membership for ongoing support and “Done for You” trade setups in Course Package II, as outlined below:

Course Package I:



Course Package II:

Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus


(2-Pay Option Available at Checkout)

Course Package I

Selling Options for Income, Profits & HEDGING

What You Will Receive



Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus

If you’d like Larry’s hand-picked high probability trade setups texted and emailed right to you, then you’ll want Course Package II.….

It includes my 4 Trading Alert Services for 4 months + 4 Month PCT Club Membership Plus, everything in Course Package 1 ($197)

This service will save you hours of research time and will provide you Alerts on:

  1. Top Breakout-Reversal Trade Set-ups
  2. Top Butterfly & Long Condor Trade Set-ups
  3. Top Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Trade Set-ups
  4. Top Earnings Option Trade Set-ups
Your elite service is great Larry. Tell everyone your service is worth it. Pays for itself quickly.

4 Months Alert Services + 4 Month PCT Club Membership + Live Course & All Bonuses:  $597

  • Access to Trade Set-Up Alerts for 4 Months
  • 8 to 15 Stocks or ETF Trade Set-Ups Per Month
  • Text Alerts on Breakout Reversal Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Butterfly & Long Condor Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Earning Trades
  • Trading Guide for Each Trade Alert
  • Trade Set-Up Video Review
  • Trades Listed & Archived
  • Live Weekly Trading Q&A & Recorded [4 Months]
  • Daily Market Update Video [4 Months]
  • Access to PCT Virtual Trading & Coaching Room [4 Months]
  • 60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software [4 Months]

Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus

Alert Service Summary 5-2-18 to 3-8-23
Total Trades Closed   582
Winning Trades          439
Breakeven Trades       33
Losing Trades              110
Winning Trades        81%

Full disclosure: These are unaudited results

After 20 years of trading, I've found Larry to be THE BEST trainer/coach in the business. I joined for a year and paid for my annual fee within 2 weeks, and that was doing small, trial trades. It will be THE BEST INVESTMENT that you will ever make. Go with the ELITE pkg. Great group of traders in the Trading Club, too…

Course Package II:

Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus


(2-Pay Available After Clicking Buy Now)

Capitalize on Options for Income, Profits, and Hedging Masterclass

Part I: Saturday, March 11th from 11 AM to 2 PM ET

Part II: Monday, March 13th from 4 PM to 5 PM ET

You'll be able to get all your questions answered and the entire program will be recorded if you cannot make it Live.

Course Bonuses Included in Both Package I and II:

Bonus Special 1

PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator

“PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator” is a Percentage Range Momentum Indicator based on Relative Strength. It measures overbought & oversold levels & signals in advance a potential market reversal, one to two periods in advance. 

This indicator has an upper & lower study. The lower study shows the overbought & oversold condition plus a Cycle Reversal. The upper study gives a Cycle High Reversal Signal with a Down Arrow & an Up Arrow for a Cycle Low Reversal. Can be used across any time interval. Used for Swing Trades, L.T. & Day Trades.

  Available for: Thinkorswim®, TradeStation® & TradingView®

Bonus Special 2 

PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator

  • The “PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator” identifies price extremes, when price is too extended from its mean.
  • An Alert Signal for buying or selling exhaustion. This is the first signal that a security is starting to reverse. 
  • Very accurate in signaling, in advance, a potential, swing trade or long-term, market reversal.

Available for: Thinkorswim®, TradeStation®, eSignal® NinjaTrader®

PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator + PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator

Bonus Special 3

Price Target Mapping Using Fibonacci & More

Recorded Workshop OCT 2022

On-Demand, Step-by-Step, “Fibonacci Course” on how to gain a major trading edge using, Fibonacci & Price Target Mapping in your swing trades or day trades….

This Price Target Mapping Process is based:

  • Fibonacci price target analysis
  • Moving average- automated trend lines
  • Price action support/resistance levels
  • Standard deviation price target forecasting 
  • Unusual option price activity

And the foundation of this process is Fibonacci…

You’ll receive this new 3+ Hour Recorded Course & Complete 139 Page Course Manual + Course Handouts

Bonus Special 4

Power Cycle Trading Club

Package I: 1-Month Included

Package II: Alert Service 4-Month Include

PCT - best place I've landed in 11+ years of trading! Wish I had paid attention many years back
Ralph, the same here! Best education and trading anywhere! It has been a true blessing!
I agree with everyone, Larry your teaching is the best! I’m thankful to have found you.
Yes. Larry is the best! Thanks Larry!
Larry just wanted to say my options knowledge has leaped exponentially since joining your trading room! Reading books is fine but seeing the actual option trade set-ups makes a huge difference. Thanks.
Larry, Ditto...

Here is what you will receive in the Membership Bonus:

  • Virtual Trading room – Open from 9:30 to
    10:30 AM ET
  • Daily After Market & Trading Update Videos
  • Member’s Trading Video Archive
  • Live weekly Q&A with Larry, Each Tuesday & Recorded
  • Trader’s Education Vault
  • 60% Discounts on Website Courses & Trading Software
Hey Larry, for your audience, I have recently signed up for the trading club and enjoy it very much. You always attempt to answer all member’s questions with great clarity. I have also completed two workshops and learned a great deal and have been trading with high confidence. You do such a great job keeping the tempo during your workshops. Great Job and keep it up!
Larry, I wanted to tell how much I enjoy your trading room...I am a member of others but don't even log into them... Good job and please keep it up... I really enjoy "your style" of the room!
Listening to an experienced and wise MENTOR like Larry is awesome! Having access to a daily Trading room that provides members with trade ideas and entry and exit targets is extremely helpful.
I always walk away with something new that I can use and add to my routine tomorrow - (Trading Room)
Larry - I was very scared to trade options. I never made a penny with options. Thank you for giving me the confidence in trading options. Thanks a ton!

Bonus 5:  

After Course Support & Coaching

  • Live with Larry, follow up accountability & support coaching Q&A for the Option Selling Workshop.

    You’ll have all your questions answered at this one-hour, live Q&A and it will be recorded.  

    Q&A will be scheduled after the course, and you’ll be sent an email notification with date and time. 

  • For additional ongoing support you’ll have access to the Power Cycle Trading, Virtual Trading Room, for 30 Days with Package I or for 4 months with Package II to provide you extra trading support…

Bonus 6: 

Advanced Options Trading Tutorial

You’ll receive my 60-page options guide with videos that covers the foundation of option trading, the Greeks, & how to use them in your option trading ​​

  • The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility​
  • Pricing The Option​
  • The Market Makers Secret​
  • Standard Deviation​
  • Option Delta & Trade Probability

Unsure whether to purchase Package I or  II?

Here’s More Detail on the Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus

[4 Month Trading Alert Service]
[4 Month PCT Club Membership]

In Course Package II, you’ll receive everything in Course Package I above PLUS the Alert Service Plus as outlined more below. 

You are very diligent and totally thorough with your analysis… that is the foundation of the success of your alerts. I paid for my subscription with the first four trades I took with you when I was learning how to trade options. Please feel free to share this with the other participants if you wish.
Larry, I’ve got to mention that your alert service is great! I paid for my year of alerts with my first trade! I took your Target trade alert, rolled the leg and kept the long call open. Made about 300% ROC!
This is a great service and value to enhance your trading. I've been in Larry's service for 2 months now and have had wonderful results. 85% of my option trades have been winners!
I completely agree with David. I have been with Larry’s service for almost 1 year. He is a great teacher & I’ve learned a lot about trading. The Alert Service is great! Thx Larry.
The alerts work! Larry has done his homework! I paid for the alerts with the first four trades. Actually, I wasn’t trying to make money… I was trying to learn how options work. The wins with the alerts gave me great confidence to continue learning about trading options.

Alert Service Summary 5-2-18 to 3-8-23
Total Trades Closed   582
Winning Trades          439
Breakeven Trades       33
Losing Trades              110
Winning Trades        81%

Full disclosure: These are unaudited results

Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Service Plus

  •    Access to Trade Set-up Alerts for 4 months       
  •    8 to 15 Stocks or ETF Trade Set-ups Per Month 
  •    Text Alerts on Selective Earnings Option Trades
  •    Text Alerts on Selective Breakout & Reversal Trades
  •    Text Alerts on Selective Calendar & Diagonal Trades
  •    Text Alerts on Selective Butterfly & Long Condor Trades

Let’s face it: I won’t always be offering this service

And nothing would make me any happier than for you to be able to select your own trades just like I do when I stop. 

So, while this is a completely “done-for-you” service, I have designed it so you can learn how I pick and execute trades during your membership

For example, you’ll see why I chose the trade based on the chart pattern. 

Abd you’ll see why I chose the option strategy. 

You’ll get an “After the Close” Educational Video outlining the trade so you can gain knowledge from implementing the Alert trades.  

Research shows that we learn the most from experience, not just study

By combining the two, you’re going to take your trading to an entirely new level

Plus, you’re also going to get an entire 4 months in my Power Cycle Trading Club at no additional cost

This will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered daily

(Most of the Trading Club benefits are listed in the What You’ll Receive Section below the next section.)

You’ll Receive, as an Elite Open to Close Trade Alert Member:

  • Access to Trade Alert Setups for 4 Months
  • 8 to 15 Stocks and/or ETF Trade Setups Per Month (I Only Send the Best)
  • Text Alert or Email Alert of All Trade Setups
  • Step by Step Trading Guide for Each Alert
  • Suggested Option Trade Strategy
  • Trade Entry Level
  • Profit Targets, Based on Unusual Option Activity, Major Fibonacci Levels & Major Moving Average Support or Resistance Levels
  • Option Series to Use
  • Stop Loss Levels and Guidelines
  • Trades will be listed & archived for review
  • “After the Close” Educational Trade Review Video 
  • Key Technical Levels
  • Chart Pattern Revealing the Trade
  • Key Fibonacci & Moving Average Levels for Profit Targets
  • Stop Loss Levels
  • Live Weekly Trading Review and Q&A (Recorded)
  • Daily Market Video Newsletter – Review of All Setups
  • Access to PCT Virtual Trading – Coaching Room – Open from 9:30 to 10:30 AM ET, Monday – Friday
  • 60% Discounts on All Website Courses & Trading Software
  • Trader’s Education Vault with Monthly Updates

The trade set-up alert list of stocks and ETFs is based on a Breakout Trade Scanning Process I designed specifically to find high winning probability breakout setups early in a cycle [before the breakout] without having you manually comb through thousands of charts and indexes? 

It’s a Scanning Process that:

  • Scans hundreds of stocks to identify High Probability Breakout set-ups, based on “The Volatility Compression Squeeze” chart pattern and momentum flows
  • Scans the Daily, Weekly & Monthly Time Frame for the “Volatility Compression Squeeze” chart pattern
  • Identifies probable Breakout Direction based on Price Momentum Flows
  • Validates a trade breakout strength, based on Momentum Flows, across multiple time frames, using a “Multi Time Frame Squeeze Alert Indicator”
  • Scans to quickly identify and establish a watch list of these powerful Breakout Set-ups for Swing Trades & Long-Term Trend Trades in order to act quickly to catch the Breakout before it Breaks out
  • Builds a list of securities that have just broken out of a Volatility Compression Squeeze…provides potential momentum trades that are just gaining momentum
  • The list is then screened to pick the best breakout set-ups based on Chart Pattern, Fibonacci Support & Resistance, Moving Average Support & Resistance, and Trend Lines

Here are a few sample Alerts to see how they work…

Calendar & Diagonal Alert Service

Summary 6-18-19 to 3-8-23
Total Trades Closed 194
Winning Trades 150
Break Even Trades 8
Losing Trades 36
Winning Trades 81%

(Full disclosure: These are unaudited results)

UNG Long Call Calendar

QQQ Put Calendar

QQQ Put Calendar

Butterfly & Long Condor Alert Service

Summary 5-18-19 to 3-8-23
Total Trades Closed 118
Winning Trades 89
Break Even Trades 6
Losing Trades 23
Winning Trades 81%
Avg. Risk/Loss/Spread: $50/Sp. Avg Risk: 2x to 4x

(Full disclosure: These are unaudited results)

XRT Adjusted to Long Put Condor 

QQQ Long Put Butterfly

XLE Long Put Butterfly

XOM Long Put Butterfly

Course Package II:

Receive: Course + Bonuses + Alert Services 3 Months + Trading Club 4 Months

Your Price Today


(2-Pay Option Available at Checkout)

I know it’s a lot, but it’s what you’ll need to know to become a successful Option Trader.

Plus, all this information will be broken into easy to understand live and follow up trainings with video, and a paper manual you can download, for those of you, like me, who still like pen and paper!

I’ll take you step by step through the course and am there to support you as you master these options strategies and the option strategy selection process so you can select the best option strategy for the market environment at any given time….


Why would you listen to me?

Over the past three decades, I’ve been actively trading in the financial securities markets.

Trading is my passion. I knew this in my twenties, and this is the career path I chose to pursue. 

Eventually, as Executive Vice President of one of the largest international oil trading companies in the world, I managed the international trading desk where we traded and managed billions of dollars worth of oil, foreign exchange and financial market derivatives

My trading group was one of the first to trade over the counter options on cargoes of foreign crude oil and traded millions of barrels of these crude oil option contracts. 

I’ve been involved with a number of hedge funds on a consulting basis and set up an over-the-counter crude oil options brokerage desk for the world’s largest privately-owned oil Brokerage Company.  

I have a fascination for all things trading, so I have studied hundreds of trading systems and models and have used just about every option strategy known.

And trading options is my passion…

EXCELLENT, clear and understandable education of the risks and rewards available using these option strategies and when and how to use them …
Larry - you are a MASTER of so many trading ideas!!!

Have Questions?  You’ll probably find the answer below. 
If not, please email

Larry's courses are well worth your time. He’s the Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting". He looks at the numbers on the blackboard (options) that no one can figure out - and he just "sees it"!! Take that as a compliment!
Larry, you are a natural at mixing and matching various option strategies. Your mind’s working amazes me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I can’t make the Live Workshop Dates?

The entire course will be recorded and available to watch whenever you choose, as many times as you choose, indefinitely. You’ll find the video recordings and PDF’s in your personal PCT Account within a few days. A Live Q&A will also be held at a later scheduled date to give you the opportunity for any follow-up questions you may have.

I think I purchased this course before

You may have purchased a previous course on the same strategy, but each Live course created will be a new updated version and will hold exclusive information for this particular Workshop. While the basic strategies are timeless, Larry provides content relevant to current market environments at any given time. Many of our customers take our courses every time they are offered to help find new opportunities.   

Do I have to pay monthly to keep my Course?

No, your Course is yours indefinitely with a one-time fee. A Personal PCT Account will be created for you after purchase in which you will be able to access your Course & Bonuses anytime, 24-7.

Do I have to start my free trial right away?

You will be sent an email with instructions on how to activate this Free Trial after your purchase. You may start at any time.

Can I access my purchase on an iPad or other device?

All products will be available on an online “Personal PCT Account” which can be accessed by any device, iOS or Android

Frequently Asked Questions – Alert Service

Will thousands of other traders be getting these same trade ideas, making them impossible to execute at the suggested prices? (This happens with most trade alert services.)

No. Most of you know I enjoy working with a small tribe, but I also promise to limit the number of subscribers to this service. 

Will I get a text, an email, or both?

Yes, Larry will send out a text alert using Telegram App which can be used on as many devices as you would like to use,  and an email will be sent within 30 minutes.  

Can I wait to activate my Alert Membership?

Yes, you can activate the membership whenever you are ready to use it.

What if I have a question on an Alert that was sent out?

These can be discussed in the Virtual Trading Room with Larry Monday through Friday.

Will my number work if it is outside the U.S.?

Yes, we have many international clients.

What if I go on vacation?

You can pause your service at any time and resume when you return, simply email and we will pause your membership.

I’ve priced this course so that everyone can easily afford it. 

So, learn how to reap the benefits of the power of trading options before another year passes by and before this limited time offer is gone…

Ladies and gents, you will not be disappointed. I have many of Larry’s courses...all are great and worth the money..

Capitalize on Options for Income, Profits, and Hedging Masterclass

Part I: Saturday, March 11th from 11 AM to 2 PM ET
Part II: Monday, March 13th from 4 PM to 5 PM ET

Larry, you're providing an excellent and extremely reasonably priced 5 Star Service! Thank you.

Course Package I:


Course Package II:

Selling Options Course with Trade
Alert Service Plus

  • Access to Power Cycle Trading Club – 4 Months
  • 8 to 15 Stocks or ETF Trade Set-Ups Per Month
  • Text Alerts on Top Breakout & Reversal Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Butterfly & Long Condor Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Trades
  • Text Alerts on Selective Earning Option Trades


(2-Pay Option Available at Checkout)

To Your Success, 

Larry Gaines
CEO & 30-Year Trading Veteran
Power Cycle Trading

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  No representation is being made that the use of this strategy or any system or trading methodology will generate profits.  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. 
There is substantial risk of loss associated with trading securities and options on equities. Only risk capital should be used to trade.  Trading securities is not suitable for everyone. Disclaimer: Futures, Options, and Currency trading all have large potential rewards, but they also have large potential risk.  You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in these markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, options, or currencies. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.