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I update my courses frequently as needed, usually within the past 1 to 6 months. 

Power Cycle Trading™ Get Started Trading Options Today 

Have You Been Wanting To…
Use Options to Reduce Investment Risk?
To Use Options to Reduce Trading Risk?
Get More Income from Stocks?
Improve Your Core Option Trading Expertise?

Then you’ll want this new Foundational Option Course.

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I’ve traded options professionally for over 3 decades and because of my trading background, my option programs have only focused on advanced spreads since they allow you to limit risk, a core factor in all my work.

But many customers jumped into advanced spread courses without the knowledge that’s in this option program.
Subsequently, many got confused when they tried to use options.

If you still find options confusing, are new to options, or want to get basic questions answered, this is the course for you.

Once you understand the benefits & advantages of options and option spreads, and how to use them, you’ll never look back.

And there’s no better time than now as we enter this major paradigm shift for both investors and traders.

Get Started Trading Options Today

A comprehensive 3+ hour recorded options course, broken down into 30-minute modules for easy viewing + detailed, 176-page, PowerPoint Training Manual of Entire Course…

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • The Benefits of Options Vs. Stocks.
  • Insider Tips You’ll Want Before You Trade Options
  • Must Know Options Basics
  • The Option Greeks & How to Use Them for a Trading Edge
  • How Option Pricing Works & Its Use for Selecting the Best Option Strategy
  • How to Use Standard Deviation for Probability Trade Analysis & Price Forecasting, Explained in Laymen Terms Making it Easy to Understand Its Use
  • Option Delta & Trade Probabilities–How to Use
  • Option Expiration
  • Mastering Puts Vs. Calls
  • Beginner Option Strategy 1–Covered Calls for Easy Income on Stocks
  • Intermediate Option Strategy 2–Income and Protection Strategy With Collar–Hedge
  • Bread & Butter Option Strategy 3–Vertical Debit Spread

Here’s What You Will Receive….

  • Access to On Demand ‘Get Started Trading Options Today’
  • PowerPoint Training Manual
  • Bonus Special: 1 Month Trial Membership: “Power Cycle Trading Club”

Here is what you will receive during your included Power Cycle Trading Club Membership:

  • Virtual Trading Room–Open From 9:30 to 10:30 AM ET Daily During Trading Week.
  • Daily Market & Trading Update Videos Nightly
  • Member’s Trading Video Archive
  • Live Weekly Q&A with Larry, Each Tuesday at 11:30 AM ET
  • Trader’s Education Vault
  • 60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software

This is where you can get all the support you need to trade options.

Get Started Trading Options Today

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Power Cycle Trading™ The Ultimate Option Guide: When & How to Use Which Option Strategy For the Best Results

As a single trader, do you ever feel like it’s you against the giants?
You know, those mega Wall Street firms that know all the insider strategies, and control the markets?

What if you had a secret weapon that leveled the playing field between you and the big boys?

You do… and it’s called OPTIONS.

But the thing about options is that they can confuse unless you know which Option Strategy to use and when and how to use it correctly….

Option Strategy Confusion, OSC, is what I call this debilitating trading disfunction.

Are you suffering from OSC??

If so, you’re not alone.

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I’ll teach you an option strategy selection process. I developed and use for selecting the best option strategies to use and how to use them based on the market cycle and market environment you’re trading.
No more ‘OSC” [Option Strategy Confusion].
You’ll replace it with option trading confidence and success…

Part I: Foundation of Option Trading

Part II

And much more…


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A Comprehensive, 5+ Hour recorded Option Masters Course, broken down into 30-minute modules for easy viewing.
  • Detailed PowerPoint Trading Manual of Entire Course.
  • This in-depth, option masters course covers the Option Greeks, from A to Z, and Option Spreads for high reward trading. Which option strategy to use and when and how with detailed trade examples of each strategy?
  • Handouts on the Option Strategy Selection Process [OSSP]. Handout 1, ‘OSSP’ Rules, Handout 2, ‘OSSP’ The ‘5’ High Winning Probability Chart Patterns.

Options Trading Tutorial Bonus

You’ll receive my 60-page options guide with videos that cover the foundation of option trading, the Greeks, & how to use them in your option trading

  • The Greeks: Delta, Gama, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility
  • Pricing The Option
  • The Market Makers Secret
  • Standard Deviation
  • Option Delta & Trade Probability

Learn how to reap the benefits of the power of trading options before another year passes by…

Ultimate Option Guide

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Power Cycle Trading™ Synthetic Option Covered Call Workshop

Trading covered calls using synthetic options is a powerful strategy for income generation and risk management.

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Part I – Option Income Foundation

  • Option Greeks Vital for Income Option Strategies
  • Option Income Guidelines
  • Pricing The Option – The Effects of Time & Volatility

Part II – Trading Covered Calls Using Synthetic Options

  • You’ll learn how, why, and when to construct this dynamic income strategy that
    benefits from the covered call but enhanced with the flexibility and cost
    efficiency of synthetic options. No more buying an expensive Stock!
  • You’ll be able to tailor positions to specific market conditions and individual risk
  • You’ll learn how to add a protective put to further enhance the strategy’s risk
    management capabilities, providing a comprehensive approach to portfolio
  •  In this workshop you’ll learn how to construct a Synthetic Covered Call on
    Amazon, GOOGL, Microsoft and Apple….

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Power Cycle Trading™ Trading Cycles & Breakouts With Weekly Options and Futures

Want a great introduction to Power Cycle Trading at an attractive entry price? Learn how to trade price cycles and breakouts with longer-term, lower-stress weekly options. Trading Price Cycles & Break Outs With Weekly Options and Futures is one of the best ways to realize revenue in the market.

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Trading Price Cycles & Break Outs With Weekly Options and Futures gives you a time-tested strategy to trade the markets with options and futures. Forget about all those quant-fund strategies and complicated algorithms. This strategy is for everyday traders. You can even use this strategy with a couple of free hours per week while keeping your full-time job. Any trader can implement this system developed by a 30-year trading veteran and coach, Larry Gaines. You’ll learn…

  • 5 steps to let winning trades come to you.
  • Use a winning trading model to maximize profits (and minimize losses)
  • Capitalize on powerful trend breakouts – to get the big moves in the market.
  • Why options & futures are the best tools to maximize gains.
  • How weekly options and futures allow you a lower-stress way to play the market.
  • Secret market pivot points – to time your entry perfectly.

Any trader can trade it – any trader can afford it. Order today!

$9 Ebook – Immediate Download


Power Cycle Trading™ Insider Secrets for Technical Trading Profits

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Whether you are completely new to trading or you need a fresh start with a better approach to your trading, then this is the course to take. “Insider Secrets for Technical Trading Profits” is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand training course on how to use technical analysis in your trading and investing decisions. Once you learn how to incorporate technical analysis into your decisions, you will then make much better trading and investing decisions and they will become much easier.

You’ll learn how to…

  • The importance of psychology in trading markets
  • Develop a trading plan based on 7 key points that will serve and support you in your trading career
  • Use moving averages for tracking trends, to identify reversals and support and resistance, to measure the strength of an asset’s momentum and for risk management
  • Select and use trading time frames conducive to your goals and to build analytical approach so that you know the optimal time to employ for your strategy and enter trades based on what you want to get out of the market
  • Identify and use support and resistance, how to map out supply and demand zones in any market
  • Use Fibonacci and Fibonacci extensions to identify support and resistance, reversal points and for projecting future price targets
  • Identify trend break-outs and how to trade a momentum break-out
  • Identify market tops and bottoms using Top-Down Market Technical Analysis over 5 major market time frames
  • Use broad market index comparison analysis for selecting the strongest market to trade in whether short or long
  • Use sector rotation to screen for trades across 9 major market sectors
  • And much more

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What you will receive…

  • 85-page color course manual with charts
  • 5 videos with over 75 minutes of course material

Order the Insider Secrets for Technical Analysis Today for just $97.

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Power Cycle Trading™ Capitalize on Options for Income, Profits, and Hedging Masterclass

In this new option trading workshop, you’ll discover an easy to understand, step-by-step formula with everything you’ll need to know to take your Option Selling Strategies to the next level…

The expert level

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Trading is a business of probabilities, so to truly stack the winning odds in your favor, it comes down to the math of forecasting these probabilities.

The first key to this probability formula involves Option Selling Strategies that take advantage of volatility, time decay and leverage.

The second key is knowing how, why, and when to HEDGE to protect your trading capital no matter what!

This is exactly what you’ll master in this new option selling workshop with valuable strategies and techniques for selling options that deliver income while also hedging.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Here’s just some of what you’ll master:

Part I –  Option Selling Foundation

  • Option Greeks Vital for Selling Options & Credit Spreads 
  • Option Selling Guidelines
  • Pricing The Option – The Effects of Time & Volatility
  • Using Price Target Mapping & Standard Deviation to Set, High Probability Directional Price Targets
  • Option Selling Trading Rules
  • Best Markets & Trading Time Frames for Credit Spreads
  • How to Use the PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator for Signaling When It’s Time to Sell Options (Don’t Worry – These Indicators Included as Bonuses in Your Purchase!)

Part II – The 4 Best Option Selling Strategies:

Which Strategy to Use When and How for Income

  • How to Profit from Time and Volatility with Credit Spreads
  • Step-By-Step Guide on How & When to Setup, Trade & Defend the:
  • Bear Call Credit Spread
    Bull Put Credit Spread
    Iron Condor
  • When to Use Bear Call Credit Spreads Vs Bull Put Credit Spreads Vs Iron Condors
  • Which Market Conditions Are Best for Credit Spreads and Which One to Trade​
  • The Perfect Time Frame for Entering and Exiting Credit Spreads ​
  • The 5 Must Know Rules for Trading Credit Spreads

When and How to Use Long Condors

  • Exactly When to Use Long Condor Option Spread (not to be confused with the Iron Condor) for Trend Trading
  • A Low Capital at Risk Strategy That Often Delivers Trading Returns of 200% or Greater with Positive Theta, No Time Decay!
  • The Big Advantage Long Condors Have Over Other Option Spreads and how to trade it
  • Step by Step Guide for Combining Vertical Spreads to construct the Long Condor for Increased Profits on Lower Risk
  • How to Adjust/Reduce Your Capital at Risk Using the Broken Wing Long Condor & Ratio Long Condor

 Part III– Hedging with the Perfect Tool: Options

Hedging With Options

  • Complete Guide on Hedging with Options
  • How to Minimize Losses from Losing Trades (Or Even Turn Them Profitable)
  • How to Pick the Best Option Strategy for Hedging Any Trading Situation [Specific Option Hedging and Trading Strategies]

Specific Option Hedging and Trading Strategies

  • How, Why & When to Use Credit Spreads for Hedging a Core Trading Position 
  • How, Why & When to Use the Condor Spread Hedging Defense
  • 5 Ways to Hedge Credit Spreads and Still Make Money (Even When You’re Wrong)

Tools, Tricks and Strategies

  • What You Must Know About Assignment Risk (Before You Sell Any Options)  
  • Insider Insights About Option Expiration Risk
  • Navigating Auto Exercise and Assignment
  • How to Forecast Price Movement 
  • Access to Larry’s Entire Option Selling Strategy Library with Charts, Trades, and Examples 

And More…

“Just sending a quick note of thanks that you could maybe pass along to Larry for all of his fabulous teaching through the years. I truly have enjoyed learning from him and the other traders in the trading room every day. I don’t think there is a better trader in the world when it comes to spreads and other ways to do trades than Larry Gaines. ” – Pam

Bonus Special 1

 “PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator” is a Percentage Range Momentum Indicator that signals an alert to a market reversal one to two periods in advance.

This indicator has an upper & lower study. The lower study shows the overbought & oversold condition plus a cycle reversal. The upper study gives a Cycle High Reversal Signal with a Down Arrow & an Up Arrow for a Cycle Low Reversal. Can be used across any time interval. Used for Swing Trades, Long Term Trades, Day Trades & Spreads.

Currently available for the thinkorswim®, TradeStation® platforms. Available at Wealthcharts® through Wealthcharts®  & Trading View®

The indicator comes with code files and installation instructions. There are no additional costs associated with this indicator.

Bonus Special 2

PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator

  • The “PCT Extreme Range Band Indicator” identifies price extremes, when price is too extended from its mean.
  • An Alert Signal for buying or selling exhaustion. This is the first signal that a security is reversing.
  • Very accurate in signaling, in advance, a potential swing trade or long-term market reversal.

Available for: Thinkorswim®, TradeStation®, eSignal® NinjaTrader®

Options Trading Tutorial Bonus

You’ll receive my 60-page options guide with videos that cover the foundation of option trading, the Greeks, & how to use them in your option trading

  • The Greeks: Delta, Gama, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility
  • Pricing The Option
  • The Market Makers Secret
  • Standard Deviation
  • Option Delta & Trade Probability

So if you would like to consistently trade and reduce the trading stress in your life, then this Option Trading Workshop, Selling Options for Income, Profits and Opportunistic Hedge Trading Management is just what you need.

You’ll learn how to take advantage of the great trading benefits that Selling Options and Option Spreads provide for both the highest probability of winning trades and for the quick Opportunistic Hedging of risk on any core trade.

And if you don’t know how to quickly hedge your positions, your trading is an accident waiting to happen…

Stop losing time and money on options trading. Order your course today, and within minutes you will be on your way to making better trades.

“Thank you for the wonderful credit spread option course. ​​The class was so thorough and expansive in the immense flexibility of credit spreads. ​​Thanks again, Larry, for all your efforts to help traders.​​It is so inspiring to hear an option professional with your vast experience helping others up the ladder to a new level of understanding on credit spreads and risk management. ” – Charles

Selling Options for Income, Profits & Opportunistic Hedge Trading Management

(PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator & Extreme Price Range Bands Included)

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How to Make Ongoing Revenue From Calendar & Calendar Diagonal Spreads

Option Income Strategies provide the most consistent positive equity curve for trading or investing and the two core income strategies that are a must for any trading account are the Income Calendar Spread and Diagonal Spread.

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Here is just some of what’s covered in the course:

Part I: The Trade Foundation

  • The impact option pricing has on Income Calendar vs. Calendar Diagonal Spread
  • Setting profit targets & defense hedging trigger points using Fibonacci Price Target Mapping
  • How to use the PCT Cycle Reversal & Extreme Range Band Indicator to signal when it’s time to use the Calendar & Calendar Diagonal
  • Using Standard Deviation for forecasting price range
  • Time Decay & Standard Deviation Edge & how to achieve it

Part II: The Income Calendar Spread

  • How the Income Calendar Spread works to create a market neutral, low, defined risk trade for consistent income month in and month out
  • How to profit from the two main option pricing components of the Income Calendar Spreads
  • Best Stocks & ETFs to use for trading the Income Calendar Spread and how to find them & when to use them
  • How to establish for low-risk target trades. A low-cost directional trade that offers you the option to take your profit or ride it for a bigger move
  • How to choose the exact time frame for the entry & exit (instead of guessing!)
  • My unique 5 Step trading setup process for each trade
  • Profit take & stop loss rules

“Larry’s in-depth instruction is immensely informative and valued.  He goes above and beyond the cost of the education…The format is perfect, and the recordings allow for further study.” – C.P.

Part III: The Calendar Diagonal Spread

  • How to capture time decay without sacrificing the big potential profits in directional movement
  • “Selling Volatility” to profit from IV skew on short & long option spreads
  • The huge advantage Calendar Diagonals have over  Income Calendars (that very few traders know)
  • Using the “Vertical Spread Component” for big gains
  • How to buy longer term options at a discount when trading Calendar Diagonal Spreads
  • How to tweak this income strategy to morph into an explosive directional break out option trade!
  • How to find the best low risk trading setups for Stocks & ETFs
  • The ideal time to use the Calendar Diagonal vs the Calendar Income Spread
  • How to select the exact time frame for entry & exit
  • How to set and reach realistic profit goals
  • When to take profits
  • How to set stop losses that really work
  • How to defend & adjust Diagonals to make money even when wrong about direction
  • Trading set-up process for each trade
  • How to use as a stock portfolio HEDGE with a Calendar Diagonal specifically


  • Exchange Traded Funds to Use
  • How to Optimally Manage Assignment Risk
  • How to Manage Expiration Risk
  • Must Know Auto Exercise & Assignment Details

Trading Library

Examples are the best way to learn. You’ll get a plethora of Calendar trade setups and examples from which to learn.

And much more…

“I too have taken a number of your courses and really like your teaching style and your patience with your students. You really are an excellent teacher! ” – Hayley

You’ll receive…

  • 4+ Hour recorded course broken down into modules
  • Option Trading Tutorial (Videos + Manual)
  • Course Bonus Handouts: Larry’s Complete Option Strategy Manifesto
  • PowerPoint Trading Manual of course
  • Receive One Month Trial Membership to The Power Cycle Trading Club

Options Trading Tutorial Bonus

You’ll receive my 60-page options guide with videos that cover the foundation of option trading, the Greeks, & how to use them in your option trading:

  • The Greeks: Delta, Gama, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility
  • Pricing the Option
  • The Market Makers Secret
  • Standard Deviation
  • Option Delta & Trade Probability

Option Income Spread Trading Workshop, Calendars & Calendar Diagonals

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Power Cycle Trading Earnings Option Workshop

Take Advantage of  High Earnings Volatility

…Earnings volatility is always crazy, but this year’s 3Q earnings will be “extra crazy” given runaway inflation, strong USD headwinds, and a bear market.

When rare “extra crazies” like this exist, opportunities exist for traders that know how to capitalize on them by collecting higher option premiums.

But you’ve GOT to tailor your option strategy to the situation and even the specific earnings season.

This is what I do in my programs….which is why many customers take this course every earnings season.

Join us this earnings season.

Buy Now / More Details

“You are a great teacher. Larry, as I messaged in the seminar, even though I have traded for over 20 years, I feel like I have earned a Master’s Degree from you in 2 short weeks, with your set-ups, adjustments and support/resistance analysis..I could tell in just a couple of days, that I was going to enjoy being part of your group AND more beneficial… ” – C.P.

Master earnings trades from a veteran option trader with over 3+ decades of professional experience ranging from running an international trading group to creating an institutional over-the-counter crude options broker desk for the largest privately owned oil brokerage company in the world.

Be among the million plus traders I’ve now taught to one up Wall Street by capitalizing on the HUGE advantage we have over institutions given our ability to stealthily trade very low volumes.

You’re going to learn at a level you won’t get elsewhere.

My overall mission at Power Cycle Trading is to teach other traders how to capitalize on options leverage with an emphasis on solid risk management.

So, to help you take advantage of the trading opportunities that come with earnings reporting within clearly defined risk,  I’ve put together a new workshop, Capitalize on Earnings Uncertainty with Low-Risk Options.

You’ll learn how to take advantage of the high volatility that accompanies every new earnings season and to exploit this earnings volatility for big profits using weekly options and a lot more.

Many traders dread earnings season, but it can be sheer heaven for prepared traders due to lucrative Weekly option trades structured to:

Sell Volatility
Provide a High Reward
Use Very Low Capital (AKA Low Risk)
 –Work Regardless of Market Direction

No matter how crazy earnings or price volatility turn out!

You’re going to learn a total of 4 option earnings strategies that capitalize specifically on earnings season.

The best strategy is my popular Double Lightning Earnings Spread, so we’ll focus on it in the Live Presentation (details ahead).

I chose this particular strategy for the Live Presentation because it profits from:
(1) Selling volatility as a spread to capture the elevated volatility from the near-term option series during the week of earnings plus a longer dated option series.
(2) The difference in the rate of premium decay [Theta] between the near-term short option series the week of earnings plus a longer dated option series [the spread](3) The directional (up or down) profit component we position perfectly on the backend to capture a post-earnings trend

As you can see, this strategy is quite a combination of techniques.

After years of tweaking it to perfection (and something my wife oddly calls obsession:), I started using this earnings strategy for my member’s Trade Alert Service in 2020 with outstanding results.

Then, in 2021, out of 32 closed trades, there were 29 winners and 3 losers for a 90%-win rate. (Full disclosure: These are unaudited returns, but we always provide the past trade details to members for confirmation.)

Since inception of my earnings alert service in 2019 these strategies have attained an 85% winning trade rate…(unaudited)

In this earnings program, you’re going to master these strategies so you can trade them yourself.

Here’s What You’ll Master in the Presentation

Earnings Part I & II

  • 5 Steps to the Perfect Trade Setup
  • Option Pricing & Importance of Using Lucrative Weekly Options
  • Standard Deviation Price Target Analysis for All Trades Taken
  • Option Delta & Trade Probabilities
  • My Formula to Pinpoint the Implied Move
  • How to Identify Most Probable Price Moves
  • Find Hidden Volatility & Use It to Your Advantage
  • 7 Step Screening Process to Identify the Most Probable Winners
  • My Secret Resource for Statistical Earnings History on All Stocks
  • The Formula to Create an Efficient Watch List of Trades with the Highest Profit Potential
  • How to Quickly Scan and Capitalize on Valuable Historical Earnings Data
  • How to Analyze a Stock’s Earnings or Post Earnings Move to Select the Best Weekly Option  Strategy or Pairs Trade Strategy
  • My Unique Selection Process for the Best “Non-Directional” Weekly Option Strategies During Earnings
  • My Unique “Double Lightning in a Bottle,” Strategy
  • The Powerful Earnings Double Calendar Option Strategy (More Details Below)

The Earnings Double Calendar Option Strategy

In addition to the above resources, formulas, and tools needed to trade an earnings season successfully, you’ll master the Earnings Double Calendar Option Strategy. 

It has become our favorite, Go To, Low Defined Risk–High Reward Option Strategy for trading earnings…

It’s the absolute best earnings strategy I’ve found as well as an overall excellent option strategy, period!

You’ll learn, in-depth, How, Why & When to use this dynamic earnings strategy based on my 10 Step Trading Guide.

Details covered on the Earnings Double Calendar include:

  • How to choose the optimal option strike price. Should you go far Out of the Money or Close In the Money during earnings? You’ll know for sure after this program.
  • How to structure the initial setup through to option expiration with ease and perfection for the Earnings Double Calendar
  • Steps to adjust an Earnings Double Calendar into a Free Trade, with ZERO Risk. (No Kidding!)

And much more..

Earnings Part III & IV (On-Demand)

You’ll learn, in-depth, HowWhy & When to use these 3 additional Non-Directional Earnings Option Strategies to sell volatility and time and to take advantage of big price spikes:


Bonus: Watch List of Best Stocks for Earnings Trades

Selecting the right stocks for earnings trades is vitally important to your success.

While I will teach you my selection process for building a watch list of the best stocks for earnings trades, I’m going to make it even easier….

You will receive my 4 Done For You Earnings Watch Lists of the Best Stocks to profit from the current earning season to save you time. These are based on 4 different earnings screens, so you can choose the criteria you like the most.

This list has stocks with the highest probability for profits based on big moves or for Volatility Crush during earnings.

Earnings Option Workshop

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Power Cycle Trading™ How to Trade the Butterfly and Long Condor for Consistent Income with Managed Risk

What if you had a strategy to quickly HEDGE directional risk, in ANY type of market environment, and even turn around losing trades… AND… maybe even turn them into winners??

AND… What if that same strategy took advantage of time decay AND volatility collapse more so than any other method?

This strategy would create a major trading edge for any trade taken, tilting the trading odds way in your favor….

Would this strategy be worth your time to learn?

If YES, here’s your opportunity…

“Thank you Larry!! You are truly educational excellence.  The best ever, as I have watched more webinars than anyone ever. ” – Wayne

Buy Now / More Details

The Butterfly and Long Condor are High Reward-Low Risk option strategies that can be traded for a variety of desired outcomes, such as

  • Income
  • High Reward-Low Risk Directional Trades
  • Non-Directional Trades
  • Hedging 

This comprehensive 5+ hour trading workshop on these amazing option strategies is now available On-Demand.

“Larry, you have been awesome with great content, valuable information and precisely to the point…great teacher..the best butterfly course too! ” – Vinodh

Here’s just some of what you’ll master:

Part I: The Trade Foundation

  • Option Greeks vital for trading the Butterfly & Long Condor
  • Theta Decay & its impact on the Butterfly & Long Condor
  • Volatility & the Importance of Volatility Crush when Constructing the Butterfly and Long Condor
  • Pricing the Option – The Effects of Time and Volatility
  • Using Fibonacci Price Target Mapping & Standard Deviation for selecting high probability directional price targets

Part II: What really Makes Them Work

  • Imperative Basics That Many Traders Miss When Using Butterflies & Long Condors
  • Butterfly and Long Condor Spread Foundation – the Vertical Option
  • How, Why and When to Use the:

→ Long Call or Put Butterfly
→ Wide Wing Directional Butterfly
→ Broken Wing Butterfly
→ Ratio Butterfly
→ Broken Wing Ratio Butterfly
→ Iron Butterfly
→ Vacation Butterfly
→ Long Condor

  • Best Option Time Frames to Use, to Capitalize on the Butterfly & Long Condor Option Spreads for Trading Stocks, ETFs, Indexes & Futures
  • How to Structure Setups with Returns of 10-to-1 or 12-to-1 with as Little as $10 per Option Contract of Capital at Risk
  • How to Profit from Option Volatility Collapse and Theta Decay Using the Butterfly and Long Condor
  • How to Trade a Monthly Option Expiration Butterfly Strategy to Generate High Returns on Low Risk & Little Capital 12 Times a Year, AKA Option Pinning
  • Pinning, Price Target Set-Ups for the Butterfly and Long Condor Spread Using Unusual Option Activity & Fibonacci
  • A Unique Option Spread that Benefits from Combining the  [Vertical Debit Spread + Vertical Credit Spread] to Create a Theta Positive, [Low Capital at Risk-High Reward] Trade that Can Provide Trading Returns of 100%, 200%, 300% or Greater!
  • How, Why & When to Use the Long Option Condor Spread in your Directional Trading for Controlled Risk & High Returns

Part III:  Hedging

  • Progression of HEDGING
  • How to Use the Butterfly and Long Condor to Hedge Core Positions
  • How to Use the Butterfly and Long Condor to Defend the Vertical Debit Spread
  • How to Defend a Vertical Credit Spread – the Butterfly Defense
  • Step by Step Check List on When & How to Put the Butterfly & Long Condor On & Take Them Off
  • Execution and Management of the Butterfly and Long Condor Option Spread
  • Resources:

→ Exchange Traded Funds to Use
→ Assignment Risk
→ Expiration Risk
→ Auto Exercise & Assignment

  • Butterfly & Long Condor Trading Library
  • And a Lot More…

“Larry, you missed the AAPL prediction by two cents, but I guess that was close enough for the Butterfly Spread! Uncanny how your $160 goal was almost exactly on-the-money.

Thanks to you, I got in on the butterfly and made 390%.  Not bad for three days of work.  Thanks again. ” – Don

This course is designed to teach you in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format, everything you will need to know about how to use the Butterfly & Long Condor for Profits and HEDGING. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 5+ Hour recorded Trading Workshop on How to Trade & Consistently Trade from the Amazing Option Butterfly & Long Condor Strategy – Value $800
  • Option Trading Tutorial (Videos + Manual)
  • Course Bonus Handouts: Larry’s Complete Option Strategy Manifesto, his Greek Power Tool Guide and more
  • Full Course PowerPoint Manual
  • If never a Member of the Power Cycle Trading Club, Receive One Month Trial Memberships to The Power Cycle Trading Club

Options Trading Tutorial Bonus

You’ll receive my 60-page options guide with videos that cover the foundation of options trading, the Greeks, & how to use them in your option trading

  • The Greeks: Delta, Gama, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility
  • Pricing The Option
  • The Market Makers Secret
  • Standard Deviation
  • Option Delta & Trade Probability

How to Trade the Butterfly and Long Condor for Consistent Income with Managed Risk

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Power Cycle Trading™ Price Target Mapping Using Fibonacci & More

Price Target Mapping is a process I developed and use for defining high probability support/resistance price targets used to identify [breakout price levels, profit targets, and defense/stop-loss price trigger levels].

We see support and resistance levels as important in terms of market psychology and supply and demand.

Support and resistance levels are the levels at which a lot of traders or investors and willing to buy stock (with support) or sell it (with resistance).

And Fibonacci is a very useful and effective technical analysis tool for establishing support & resistance levels or price target zones to trade against.

Buy Now / More Details

Larry, your pleading in court will be “your Honor, I was mentally drunk on Fibonacci” Guilty as charged...” – Rick

Excellent session today! Very much enjoyed the ‘drawing of trendlines’ portion of it; I had never seen it explained like that in the past” – Tim

Awesome training!!! ” – Lin

My Price Target Mapping Process is based:

  • Fibonacci price target analysis
  • Moving average-automated trend lines
  • Price action support/resistance levels
  • Standard deviation price target forecasting
  • Unusual option price activity

The foundation and first step in this price forecasting process are “Fibonacci”.

  • Using the Option Butterfly Spread
  • Using Fib analysis for the Macro Big Picture Trend trading all the way to intra-day trading
  • How to mechanically construct & use Trend Lines in all trading
  • How to properly use Trend Lines for momentum break out trades across all markets & time frames
  • How to incorporate & use moving averages into your trading for trend reversals & trend tracking
  • And more …

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Access to Recorded 3+ Hour Price Target Mapping Workshop
  • Complete, 135 Page Training Manual
  • Easy to Follow 30 Minute Modules
  • Complete Full Course PowerPoint with Detailed Trading Examples Using Fibonacci, Moving Averages – Automated Trendlines & More…

Timeless Fibonacci Golden Ratio – Bonus #1
Fibonacci Price Target Extension Diagrams – Bonus #2
Important Fibonacci Support Resistance Levels – Bonus #3 

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Power Cycle Trading Club Membership Program

“There is nothing like the camaraderie and accountability of a real trading room for dramatically improving results.” – Larry Gaines

Virtual Trading Room (Included in Membership)

  • Global Pre-Market Updates Daily
  • Macro to Intermediate Technical Pre-Market Analysis
  • Pre-Market Analysis for Major Asset Classes
  • Membership to After Market Power Outlook Program

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After Market Power Outlook

Daily Videos that prepare you for what’s ahead…..

  • Major upcoming economic events alerts
  • Update and review of the major market classes
  • Global economic and political overview
  • Video delivered daily by email after the market closes
  • Market cycle & trend change alerts to protect your assets
  • Ideal for those unavailable during US market hours

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You’ll receive a daily market update from Larry that helps you prepare for the next trading day. This is ideal for day traders as well as swing traders or investors who want to get a quick but insightful market overview from both a technical and fundamental perspective from a real professional. Larry will step you through his charts so that you can enhance your own charting skills in these 10 to 15 minutes videos. This service capitalizes on Larry’s Power Cycle Trading™ Model for signaling cycle highs and lows and volatility break-outs in the broad market indexes, commodities and stocks. Members will receive access to the After Market Power Outlook exclusive hub where they can watch the videos after they are posted Monday through Friday. Get instant access for $7 for the first 7 days and then just $57 per month.



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